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Scholarly Research Process Outline: Fact Searching

provides pathways to more comprehensive resources.

Searching for Factual Information

There are a number of ways to discover facts within standard reference tools such as handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and methods manuals.

  • Search the online reference tools found on our Facts/Definitions page.
  • FactCheck.ORG reviews the accuracy of public statements by politicians.
  • Finally, you may need to search in online and paper reference tools found on our subject guide pages.



Researchers can search for data sets using (merging with the older Databib) a searchable catalog / registry / directory / bibliography of research-data repositories. These data sets must be imported (in some cases after format manipulation) into data tools such as SPSS and SAS

The library provides access to SimplyAnalytics (was SimplyMap) which contains United States census data, business data, and business points that can be manipulated and mapped. You can rank locations based on variables, create demographic analyses, and map variables to the county or sometimes the census Block.  If you sign in as a guest, you won’t need to create an account. Accounts are needed only to save search parameters and data results. (Information and help video page.)

If you do not find what you are looking for, also consider contacting your subject librarian.



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