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Food & Culture: Food & Society

People Talk About Food

Tracking Down Oral Histories

Are you interested in finding oral histories and more about food and society? You're in luck: people definitely talk about food. These resources can help you get started!

Articles About Oral Histories

You may also be interested in some articles about food and oral history! While the articles below all pertain to food and oral histories, they are a long shot from the only ones available. 

Food Insecurity

Not quite sure how to start your research into food insecurity, food deserts, and other issues of food security? You can start with some of these broad searches, then narrow down--by region, ethnicity, era, and so on. (You can also copy and paste these search strings into your favorite database.) Need help? That's what we're here for.

Researching Food Insecurity

Books About Food Insecurity 


Food and health are closely linked, and have been throughout history. These subject words, keyword searches, and materials can get you started in your quest to learn more.

Subject Headings & Starter Searches

Primary Sources

Historical Dietary Guidance Digital Collection 

Food & the Environment

Whether it be cacao or coffee beans, meat or mushrooms, food requires the natural world to come into being--and large-scale food production, especially, can take a lot out of the environment. Start exploring the intersections of food and the natural world with these subject headings, starter searches, and more.


  • "Agriculture & the environment" 
  • "Agricultural ecology" 
  • "Agricultural landscape management"
  • "Anthropogenic effects on nature"
  • "Economic policy -- Environmental aspects" 
  • "Land economics"

Starter Searches

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