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Adulthood and Aging (PSYC 324-01): Finding articles

Adulthood and Aging (PSYCH 324-01) Dr. Julie Deisinger

Multiple databases search

In this approach you search across various databases. It is good for searching multidisciplinary topics. The success of your search rests on a careful statement of your topic. Define your topic in a sentence or question. Example: How are political attitudes developing over a lifespan? Select now the keywords/concepts: "political attitudes" lifespan 

Start on the library homepage at

Select the tab Find Articles from the search box.

Type keywords for your topic. Avoid broadly defined words or stop words.

For more focus and relevant results search by phrases in quotation marks, e.g., "political attitudes"

On the results page you can now limit your search to  peer-reviewed articles (that will also mean scholarly)

How to Find Experimental Studies

For best results start with the PsycInfo  database. The database classifies articles by methodology that can be selected from the search menu.


Single database search

In this approach you select a database from a list of our databases and search for your topic. Searching a specific database, e.g., PsycInfo allows for more targeted search with other options to limit the results to specific types of articles, e.g., empirical studies.

Start on the library homepage at

Select the link Databases (by subject and A-Z)

Top Recommended Resources

All databases are available here. You will need to login with your NetId and password.

Helpful 3 minute tutorials from EBSCO on Basic Search and Advanced Search (taking advantage of Thesaurus and Index searching)

Where is the full-text?

Look for the  icon or the Full Text Finder option. If the article is not available in full-text, click on Request through interlibrary loan link.


Searching Tips

The following few rules of online searching are universal. They apply to all databases and search engines, e.g., Google or Yahoo, whenever the search is by keywords.

The ability to search by creating a search strategy that goes beyond a single keyword or two will dramatically improve the relevancy and focus of your results.


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