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Adulthood and Aging (PSYC 324-01): Home

Adulthood and Aging (PSYCH 324-01) Dr. Julie Deisinger

Course Assignments

Oral presentation

Locate an empirical study on adult development. In other words, the article must describe an original study. The empirical research article should be from a professional journal and should have been published within the past five years (2009-2014).

The oral presentation on the selected article should explain the rationale for the study and tell abouts its participants, procedures, results, conclusions, limitations, and implications for future research.

Written assignment

Propose a topic of interest related to adult development (see the syllabus for details about the assignment).

Provide a preliminary outline and list of references. At least three scholarly resources (other than the course textbook) must be included in the paper. The appropriate sources are books, scholarly articles, and credible and authoritative websites.

The paper and citations must be in the APA citation style.

Questions for a Critique of a Scientific Article

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