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Journals which have cited our authors

Journals which have cited our authors:

(June 2016)


Applied Mathematics And Computation                                                                                673

Communications In Nonlinear Science And Numerical Simulation              169

Chaos Solitons And Fractals                                                                                         156

Computers And Mathematics With Applications                                                                146

Physics Letters Section A General Atomic And Solid State Physics                              110

International Journal Of Computer Mathematics                                                               99

Physica Scripta                                                                                                                  94

Abstract And Applied Analysis                                                                                    83

Mathematical Problems In Engineering                                                                  81

Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung Section A Journal Of Physical Sciences      78

Journal Of Applied Mathematics                                                                                               66

Communications In Theoretical Physics                                                                  65

Journal Of Computational And Applied Mathematics                                       65

International Journal Of Nonlinear Sciences And Numerical Simulation   59

Applied Mathematical Sciences                                                                                 57

Nonlinear Dynamics                                                                                                        57

Applied Mathematical Modelling                                                                              54

Physical Review D Particles Fields Gravitation And Cosmology                     52

Mathematical And Computer Modelling                                                                                51

Mathematical Methods In The Applied Sciences                                                                45

Applied Mathematics Letters                                                                                     42

Journal Of Experimental Biology                                                                                                39

Classical And Quantum Gravity                                                                                  37

AIP Conference Proceedings                                                                                      35

PLoS One                                                                                                                              35

Pramana Journal Of Physics                                                                                         35

Chinese Physics B                                                                                                            34

Computer Physics Communications                                                                         34

World Applied Sciences Journal                                                                                 34

Romanian Journal Of Physics                                                                                      32

International Journal Of Numerical Methods For Heat And Fluid Flow      28

Marine Ecology Progress Series                                                                                 25

International Journal Of Pure And Applied Mathematics                                                24

Journal Of Biological Chemistry                                                                                  24

Journal Of Mathematical Chemistry                                                                         24

Nursing Ethics                                                                                                                    24

Journal Of Advanced Nursing                                                                                     23

Lecture Notes In Computer Science Including Subseries Lecture Notes In Artificial Intelligence And Lecture Notes In Bioinformatics                                                                                   23

Nonlinear Analysis Real World Applications                                                          23

Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations                                     23

Applied Mathematics And Information Sciences                                                                22

Canadian Journal Of Earth Sciences                                                                          22

Journal Of King Saud University Science                                                                 22

Nonlinear Analysis Theory Methods And Applications                                     22

Physica A Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications                                         22

Advances In Difference Equations                                                                            21

American Journal Of Physiology Lung Cellular And Molecular Physiology 21

International Journal Of Environmental Science And Technology                               21

International Journal Of Modern Physics B                                                           21

Journal Of Physics Conference Series                                                                     21

CMES Computer Modeling In Engineering And Sciences                                 20

Development And Psychopathology                                                                       20

Wseas Transactions On Mathematics                                                                      20

Indian Journal Of Physics                                                                                              19

Kybernetes                                                                                                                        19

Scientific World Journal                                                                                                 19

Australian Journal Of Basic And Applied Sciences                                               18

Gondwana Research                                                                                                      18

Journal Of Mathematical Physics                                                                               18

Nurse Education Today                                                                                                 18

Optik                                                                                                                                     18

Physical Review A                                                                                                            18

Proceedings Of The Romanian Academy Series A Mathematics Physics Technical Sciences Information Science                   18

Romanian Reports In Physics                                                                                      18

Tectonophysics                                                                                                                 18

Astrophysics And Space Science                                                                                                17

Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology A Molecular And Integrative Physiology          17

European Physical Journal Plus                                                                                  17

Mathematical And Computational Applications                                                  17

Physical Review D                                                                                                            17

World Academy Of Science Engineering And Technology                                               17

Ain Shams Engineering Journal                                                                                  16

Icarus                                                                                                                                    16

Journal Of Business Ethics                                                                                            16

Journal Of Chemical Physics                                                                                        16

Numerical Algorithms                                                                                                    16

Physics Letters Section B Nuclear Elementary Particle And High Energy Physics   16

Canadian Journal Of Physics                                                                                        15

International Journal For Numerical Methods In Biomedical Engineering                15

Journal Of Mathematical Analysis And Applications                                          15

Walailak Journal Of Science And Technology                                                        15

Antiviral Therapy                                                                                                              14

Bulletin Of The Geological Society Of America                                                     14

Central European Journal Of Physics                                                                       14

International Journal Of Bifurcation And Chaos                                                  14

International Journal Of Mathematical Analysis                                                  14

Journal Of Physics A Mathematical And Theoretical                                          14

Journal Of Physics B Atomic Molecular And Optical Physics                           14

Leadership Quarterly                                                                                                     14

Life Science Journal                                                                                                         14

Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy                                                             13

Chinese Physics Letters                                                                                                 13

Critical Care                                                                                                                        13

Far East Journal Of Mathematical Sciences                                                           13

International Journal Of Nursing Studies                                                                               13

Journal Of Child Psychology And Psychiatry And Allied Disciplines              13

Journal Of Phycology                                                                                                      13

Journal Of Physics B Atomic And Molecular Physics                                          13

Lithos                                                                                                                                    13

Modern Physics Letters B                                                                                             13

Physics Of Plasmas                                                                                                          13

Waves In Random And Complex Media                                                                 13

Children And Youth Services Review                                                                       12

General And Comparative Endocrinology                                                              12

Journal Of Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics                                                                12

Journal Of Nursing Education                                                                                      12

Nursing Science Quarterly                                                                                            12

Ocean Engineering                                                                                                          12

World Journal Of Modelling And Simulation                                                         12

AIDS                                                                                                                                      11

Acta Applicandae Mathematicae                                                                              11

Acta Physica Polonica A                                                                                                 11

American Journal Of Physiology Regulatory Integrative And Comparative Physiology  11

Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta Biomembranes                                                     11

International Journal Of Earth Sciences                                                                  11

International Journal Of Physical Sciences                                                             11




Journals which have cited our authors Part 2

Journal Of Applied Mathematics And Computing                                                              11

Journal Of The Franklin Institute                                                                                               11

Mathematics And Computers In Simulation                                                         11

Personality And Individual Differences                                                                   11

Physical Review B                                                                                                            11

Physical Review E Statistical Nonlinear And Soft Matter Physics                  11

Tetrahedron                                                                                                                      11

Applied Mechanics And Materials                                                                            10

Computers And Fluids                                                                                                   10

Iranian Journal Of Science And Technology Transaction A Science              10

Journal Of Applied Sciences                                                                                        10

Journal Of Comparative Physiology B Biochemical Systemic And Environmental Physiology 10

Journal Of Experimental Marine Biology And Ecology                                      10

Journal Of The American Academy Of Child And Adolescent Psychiatry  10

Langmuir                                                                                                                             10

Physical Review Letters                                                                                                 10

Tetrahedron Letters                                                                                                       10

Alexandria Engineering Journal                                                                                  9

Anesthesiology                                                                                                                 9

Applied Mathematics And Mechanics English Edition                                       9

Astronomy And Astrophysics                                                                                     9

Atlantic Geology                                                                                                               9

Computational Mathematics And Mathematical Physics                                9

Human Relations                                                                                                              9

Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering                                                                    9

Journal Of The Association Of Arab Universities For Basic And Applied Sciences  9

Procedia Engineering                                                                                                     9

Adoption Quarterly                                                                                                         8

Advanced Studies In Theoretical Physics                                                                               8

Advances In Mathematical Physics                                                                           8

Anaesthesist                                                                                                                      8

Anesthesia And Analgesia                                                                                            8

Annals Of Biomedical Engineering                                                                            8

Attachment And Human Development                                                                  8

BMC Public Health                                                                                                           8

Computational And Applied Mathematics                                                            8

Computers In Human Behavior                                                                                  8

Geoscience Canada                                                                                                        8

Global Journal Of Pure And Applied Mathematics                                             8

IEEE Transactions On Parallel And Distributed Systems                                    8

Infant Mental Health Journal                                                                                      8

Our authors cited these journals

Our authors Cited These Journals:

(June, 2016)


 Applied Mathematics And Computation                   116

 Ecology                                                                      99

 Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology          91

 Canadian Journal Of Earth Sciences                          90

 Journal Of Applied Psychology                                 85

 Behaviour Research And Therapy                             84

 Academy Of Management Journal                            79

 Science                                                                       79

 Nature                                                                                    78

 Marine Ecology Progress Series                                 68

 Journal Of Experimental Marine Biology And Ecology 62

 Journal Of Nursing Education                                   57

 Journal Of Biological Chemistry                                56

 Academy Of Management Review                           54

 Geology                                                                      54

 Physics Letters Section A General Atomic And Solid State Physics  53

Journal Of Finance                                                      47

 Chaos Solitons And Fractals                                      45

 Pain                                                                            45

 Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 45

 New England Journal Of Medicine                            43

 Physical Review Letters                                             43

 AIDS                                                                          41

 Earth And Planetary Science Letters                         40

 Nursing Science Quarterly                                         39

 Tectonophysics                                                          37

 Journal Of Advanced Nursing                                               36

 Blood                                                                          35

 Journal Of Chemical Physics                                     35

 Psychological Bulletin                                                            35

 Journal Of Anxiety Disorders                                                34

 Lancet                                                                                    34

 Bulletin Of The Geological Society Of America       32

 Journal Of Organizational Behavior                           32

 American Psychologist                                              31

 Marine Biology                                                          31

 Oecologia                                                                   31

 Psychological Review                                                31

 Journal Of Phycology                                                30

 Physical Review D Particles Fields Gravitation And Cosmology   28

 Journal Of Business Ethics                                        27

 Journal Of Management                                            27

 Administrative Science Quarterly                              26

 Journal Of Marketing                                                 26

 Hormones And Behavior                                           25

 American Journal Of Public Health                           24

 Endocrinology                                                            24

 Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology       24

 Journal Of Financial Economics                                24

 Journal Of Mathematical Physics                              24

 Journal Of Professional Nursing                                24

 Brain Research                                                           23

 Communications In Nonlinear Science And Numerical Simulation  23

 Journal Of Petrology                                                  23

 Personality And Individual Differences                     23

 Physical Review D                                                     23

 Thrombosis And Haemostasis                                               23

 Botanica Marina                                                         22

 Journal Of The Geological Society                            22

 Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin              22

 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy                                                21

 General And Comparative Endocrinology                 21

 Journal Of Consumer Research                                 21

 Journal Of The American Medical Association        21

 New York Times                                                        21

 PLoS One                                                                   21

 Annual Review Of Psychology                                  20

 Geological Society Special Publication                      20

 Journal Of Advertising                                               20

 Personnel Psychology                                                20

 Atlantic Geology                                                        19

 Ecological Monographs                                              19

 Health Promotion International                                 19

 Journal Of Geology                                                    19

 Marine Policy                                                             19

 Nature Genetics                                                         19

 Physica Scripta                                                           19

 Precambrian Research                                                            19

 American Naturalist                                                   18

 Biophysical Journal                                                    18

 Classical And Quantum Gravity                                18

 Clinical Infectious Diseases                                       18

 Computers And Mathematics With Applications     18

 Contributions To Mineralogy And Petrology                        18

 Journal Of Comparative Neurology                           18

 Leadership Quarterly                                                 18

 British Journal Of Haematology                                17

 Canadian Journal Of Zoology                                                17

 Chemical Geology                                                     17

 Hepatology                                                                 17

 Human Relations                                                       17

 Journal Of Accounting Research                               17

 Journal Of Experimental Biology                              17

 Journal Of Personality                                                           17

 Psychophysiology                                                      17

 Vision Research                                                         17

 Accounting Review                                                    16

 Behavior Therapy                                                       16

 Icarus                                                                         16

 Journal Of Small Business Management                   16

 Psychological Science                                                16

 British Medical Journal                                              15

 Developmental Psychology                                       15

 Journal Of Abnormal Psychology                              15

 Journal Of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes           15

 Journal Of Business Venturing                                   15

 Journal Of Clinical Psychology                                  15

 Journal Of Experimental Zoology                             15

 Journal Of Physical Chemistry B                               15

 Journal Of The American Geriatrics Society             15

 Journal Of The Marine Biological Association Of The United Kingdom  15

 Journal Of The Physical Society Of Japan                15

 Memory                                                                     15

 Oikos                                                                          15

 Physical Review E Statistical Nonlinear And Soft Matter Physics  15

 British Journal Of Psychiatry                                     14

 Canadian Journal Of Public Health                           14

 Child Development                                                    14

 Circulation                                                                 14

 Clinical Psychology Review                                       14

 Computer Physics Communications                         14

 Human Mutation                                                       14

 Hydrobiologia                                                            14

 Journal Of International Business Studies                 14

 Journal Of Morphology                                             14

 Journal Of Vocational Behavior                                 14

 Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise         14

 Organization                                                               14

 Special Paper Of The Geological Society Of America           14

 Tectonics                                                                    14

 Archives Of General Psychiatry                                13

 Biochemistry                                                              13

 Industrial Marketing Management                            13

 Journal Of Financial And Quantitative Analysis       13

 Journal Of Geophysical Research                              13

 Journal Of Marketing Research                                 13

 Journal Of Mathematical Analysis And Applications           13

 Journal Of Structural Geology                                   13

 Physics Letters Section B Nuclear Elementary Particle And High Energy Physics  13

 Psychological Assessment                                         13

 Romanian Reports In Physics                                                13

 Advances In Experimental Social Psychology                       12

 American Journal Of Physiology Lung Cellular And Molecular Physiology  12

 Animal Behaviour                                                      12

 Copeia                                                                        12

 Depression And Anxiety                                           12

 Development And Psychopathology                         12

 Econometrica                                                             12

 Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta                         12

 Gerontologist                                                             12

Key Author Statistics

As of October, 2020

Publications by year:

2020 (45) 
2019 (57) 
2018 (46) 
2017 (60) 
2016 (68) 
2015 (55) 
2014 (55) 
2013 (54) 
2012 (51) 
2011 (50)

Publications by Subject:

Mathematics (417)
Physics and Astronomy (167)
Social Sciences (148)
Engineering (143)
Computer Science (112)
Arts and Humanities (90)
Nursing (75)
Business, Management and Accounting (48)
Materials Science (34)
Chemistry (31)
Economics, Econometrics and Finance (25)
Medicine (23)
Environmental Science (20)
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (18)
Agricultural and Biological Sciences (17)
Neuroscience (13)
Chemical Engineering (5)
Decision Sciences (5)
Multidisciplinary (5)

Publications by author:

Wazwaz, A.M. (546)
Florczak, K.L. (37)
Triki, H. (29)
Rach, R. (24)
Duan, J.S. (15)
Krohmer, R.W. (15)
Kaur, L. (14)
El-Tantawy, S.A. (13)
Ritchie, T.D. (11)
Martin, T.W. (10)
Jordan, J.S. (9)
Khuri, S.A. (9)
Poradzisz, M. (8)
Raja, M.A.Z. (8)
Singh, R. (8)
Alzoubi, K. (7)
Ayyash, M. (7)
Chaudhry, A. (7)
Darvishi, M.T. (7)
Bougoffa, L. (6)
Ebaid, A. (6)
Kostovich, C.T. (6)
Mason, R.T. (6)
Moeller, S.K. (6)
Osman, M.S. (6)
Robinson, M.D. (6)
Xu, G.Q. (6)
Aleksander, J. (5)
Cherian, J. (5)
Duan, J.S. (5)
Gavino, M.C. (5)
Hunter, J.A. (5)
Igou, E.R. (5)
Kinsella, E.L. (5)
Najafi, M. (5)
Strange, C.C. (5)
Syam, M.I. (5)

Top Publications by Citation:

Wazwaz, A.-M.
A reliable modification of Adomian decomposition method
(1999) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 410 times.

Rubio, D.M., Berg-Weger, M., Tebb, S.S., Lee, E.S., Rauch, S.
Objectifyng content validity: Conducting a content validity study in social work research
(2003) Social Work Research, . Cited 391 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
A new algorithm for calculating adomian polynomials for nonlinear operators
(2000) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 368 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
The tanh method for traveling wave solutions of nonlinear equations
(2004) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 348 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
A sine-cosine method for handling nonlinear wave equations
(2004) Mathematical and Computer Modelling, . Cited 333 times.

Wan, P.-J., Alzoubi, K.M., Frieder, O.
Distributed construction of connected dominating set in wireless ad hoc networks
(2004) Mobile Networks and Applications, . Cited 288 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M., El-Sayed, S.M.
A new modification of the Adomian decomposition method for linear and nonlinear operators
(2001) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 208 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
A new method for solving singular initial value problems in the second-order ordinary differential equations
(2002) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 199 times.

Wazwaz, A.M.
New solitary-wave special solutions with compact support for the nonlinear dispersive K(m,n) equations
(2002) Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, . Cited 196 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
The extended tanh method for new solitons solutions for many forms of the fifth-order KdV equations
(2007) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 188 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
New solitons and kink solutions for the Gardner equation
(2007) Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, . Cited 178 times.

Henderson, D.J., Liden, R.C., Glibkowski, B.C., Chaudhry, A.
LMX differentiation: A multilevel review and examination of its antecedents and outcomes
(2009) Leadership Quarterly, . Cited 165 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
Multiple-soliton solutions for the KP equation by Hirota's bilinear method and by the tanh-coth method
(2007) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 165 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
Adomian decomposition method for a reliable treatment of the Bratu-type equations
(2005) Applied Mathematics and Computation, . Cited 164 times.

Wazwaz, A.-M.
The tan h method: Solitons and periodic solutions for the Dodd-Bullough-Mikhailov and the Tzitzeica-Dodd-Bullough equations
(2005) Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, . Cited 160 times.


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