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So Many Films!

It's summer - and it's on screen! All the movies below take place in the summer (or at least remind people of the summer). Go for a road trip, hang out at the beach, go surfing - and never leave your house!

Summertime on the Screen

Almost Famous: There's a lot more to write home about than the celebrities when teenage reporter William Miller lands an assignment from Rolling Stone magazine. 

American Graffiti: It's the last day of summer break 1962, and, before they head off to the Army or to college, four buddies gather for one last night.

Before Sunrise: After they meet on a train for Paris, a young American and a French student spend the American's last night in Austria together.

Boyhood: Follow Mason from 6 to 18 in this episodic coming of age story.

Caddyshack: Oddballs and gophers undermine Danny's attempts to win a golf scholarship. 

Dazed and Confused: It's the last day of school, 1976, and everything's about to get wild.

Do the Right Thing: Follow the lives of Bedford-Stuyvesant residents on the hottest day of the year in the 1980s Spike Lee film.

The Endless Summer: Follow two surfers from California on their quest for the perfect wave in this documentary. 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Summer's almost here as Ferris and his friends outwit their principal and embark on an epic adventure in Chicago.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Heartbroken after his girlfriend, actress Sarah Marshall, dumps him, Peter heads off to Hawaii for a vacation - but Sarah's already there, with her new rocker boyfriend.

Grease: In this classic musical of life in the '50s, a greaser falls for a good girl. 

It Happens Every Spring: After he stumbles across a compound that makes baseballs curve, a university chemistry instructor leverages it to become a baseball pitcher. 

Jaws: The classic story of horror offshore!

La La Land: When a jazz pianist and an actress fall in love, music, drama, and dancing follow.

A League of Their Own: Penny Marshall directs this fictionalized tale of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League!

Life of Pi: Pi Patel and ferocious tiger Richard Parker, the only survivors of a shipwreck, must find their way to land and survive.

Lion: 25 years after he got lost on a train and was adopted by an Australian couple, armed only with determination and Google Earth, Saroo returns to India to search for his lost family.

Mad Max: Fury Road: In a desolate world where water is scarce (and rationed), Imperator Furiosa and a group of captive women rise up against tyranny, with Max along for the ride.

A Midsummer Night's Dream: In William Shakespeare's classic comedy, love potions go wrong, fairies spar, and lovers are tangled and untangled in the Athenian woods! 

Moonrise KingdomTwo twelve-year-olds fall in love and run away to an inlet on a small New England island in the summer of 1965, and as a storm bears down on the island, the community is turned upside down.

The Motorcycle Diaries tells the story of a motorcycle road trip that helped show the young Che Guevara find his life's calling. (There's also a book!)

Rear Window: As he recuperates from a broken leg, photographer Jeff and his girlfriend, Lisa, come to suspect a neighbor of murdering his wife in this award-winning Hitchcock film.

Stand By Me: Gordie and his friends go a quest to find the body of a missing boy in this coming of age tale based on a Stephen King novella. 

Summer With Monika: A happy summer leads turns life-changing for Monika and Harry in this Ingmar Bergman film.

The Way Way Back: Duncan's vacation takes a turn for the better when he makes a new friend at the water park.

Y Tu Mamá También follows two teenage boys and a young woman in her twenties on a wild summer cross-country road trip.

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