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The Library has multiple printers -- Jobs are released using either the barcode on your ID card or by swiping your card near the swipe reader. 

There are four black and white printers: two in the print area on the first floor near the elevators, one in the main level stacks near the south windows, and one by the front door. 

The color printer, located in the print area on the first floor near the elevators, is an HP Color LaserJet CP6015xh. 

The print option from our workstations or using the Webprint software (from the library site or the desktop icon) sends jobs to all printers at one time. The release workstation you use determines which printer produces the document.  

A black and white page is 15 cents; color is 60 cents.


NOTE: While some software may directly send documents to the printer -- the most reliable way to send your print job is

             (1) Save your document to the Desktop and then

             (2) use the Webprint wireless printing option.

NOTE: Send your print job from a laptop or a remote device using the Webprint wireless printing option.

NOTE: Select the B&W Duplex printer 6 for two-sided printing.



NOTE: Google documents often add nonsense characters to the top of print jobs. For a clean print, consider saving your work and printing from a Word document, or saving the document as a PDF and printing using Webprint.  

NOTE: To only print selected pages using Webprint, set the pages you desire in the Print option in your original program (Word, PPT, etc.) and Save the file. Then use Webprint to print that file with the saved settings.

NOTE: To print web pages from Canvas, highlight the page content you would like to print, then choose Print>Advanced Options>Selection Only and download as a PDF instead of completing the print job. Then send your PDF file to the printers using the Webprint software.

NOTE: To print web pages (that do not have actual "pages"), use Save As pdf or Adobe document to the Desktop, then send your PDF file to the printers using the Webprint software.

NOTE: Adobe software defaults to will need to manually select B&W Duplex printer 6.

NOTE: The Mac workstations may not print directly to the printers - if the printers do not appear, you must Save files to the Desktop and then send your job to the printers using the Webprint software. Select the B&W DUPLEX printer.



PROCESS: Once a print job has been submitted from your workstation, swipe your card on any of the release stations, and your print job(s) will appear behind a pop-up box on the screen. Swipe your card again to allow for the subtraction of funds from your account. Select the Print option for the document(s) you desire OR select Print All and click Yes. Students start with $50 on your ID card. You can add dollars using the mySXU portal.

 See the HUB PPT screen shots about this process.

PROBLEMS: Report technical problems to the HUB. Requests for refunds are made within the Webprint software; there is a problem report option on the far right of each print job listing. 


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