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page describing our Manga collection

Our Collection

The library has been gifted a small representative collection of Manga by the SXU F.I.E.R.C.E. Anime Club.

These materials are located on the north wall, under the windows.

We have a few example series for pleasure reading.

Here is our list of Manga materials.

Manga Collection

Manga: Another World 


Manga is a collection of Japanese novels from popular anime series (Japanese cartoon programs) and /or movies.

They are to be read from right to left, which is not normally how we would read them here in America. There are also guides included in the back that show you the order in which to read each box on the page.

If they are in America, you will most-likely find them in English, though there still may be a hint of Japanese lettering in them ( the authors explain those words/phrases at the end of the manga).

Each manga is unique in its own right, complete with very complex storylines and relatable characters.

Gender does play a role in how some of the stories play out; there are Shoujo ( specifically female) and Shounen (specifically male) mangas. Shoujos usually have a female protagonist who is often a super heroine, and vice versa, and the lives of these characters are chronicled through very complex plots, real-world issues that they face on a daily basis, and a glimpse into Japanese culture through not only the artwork, but the dialogue as well.

Many people, when they look at mangas and the art they hold, only see characters with big eyes, assets, and colorful hair, but it is so much deeper than that - it really is another world.

There are various video games (Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts), card games (Yugi-Oh, Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon), figurines, posters, and apparel (mostly used for cosplay, or ‘costume play,’ purposes) that were inspired by these books. There are even conventions that honor all things anime and manga, which hundreds of thousands of people all over the world happily attend each year.

Opening the manga and actually reading it is only a stepping stone; who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked as well after seeing all the action-packed pages with the high-quality graphics and start collecting, trading, and partaking in conventions, too.

To us in Anime Club, manga is only the beginning.



For additional information see the Wikipedia entry for Manga.

The Manga collection is related to our collection of Japanese Anime materials


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