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Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers for Nursing: Home

Finding Paper Nursing Books

Looking for paper nursing books? In addition to searching the library's book catalog, you can browse the shelves. All our books are shelved according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification, an alphanumeric system. Nursing books, for example, have call numbers beginning with the letters RT -- letters that are followed by numbers ranging from 1 to 120. This page tells you where within that range you can find books on nursing specialties. It also gives you some general call numbers for books related to nursing.

Nursing LC Call Numbers

RT1-120         nursing
RT 23              communication in nursing
RT24               nursing writing
RT40-41         general works
RT44               medical-surgical nursing
RT48               nursing assessment and diagnosis
RT49               nursing care plans
RT50.5            nursing informatics
RT82-84         nursing as a profession
RT82.8            nurse practitioners
RT83               male nurses
RT84.5            nursing theory/nursing models
RT85               nursing ethics
RT85               nursing standards
RT86.54          transcultural nursing
RT89               nursing administration
RT97               public health nursing
RT98               community health nursing
RT120.C45    chronic diseases
RT120.E4       emergency nursing
RT120.F34     family nursing
RT120.I5         intensive care nursing

Related LC Call Numbers

QM                     human anatomy (oversize books are in the Bishop Quarter Room)
R120                  medical atlases
R120                  medical dictionaries
R726.8               hospice care
RC266               oncology nursing
RC952-954.6    geriatrics
RD94                 wound care
RD753               orthopedic nursing
RG951               maternity nursing
RJ245                pediatric nursing
RM216               diet therapy/clinical nutrition
RM301               drug guides
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