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Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers for CSD: Home

Finding Paper CSD Books

Looking for paper CSD books? In addition to searching the library's book catalog, you can browse the shelves. All our books are shelved according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification, an alphanumeric system. CSD books, for example, have call numbers beginning with the letters RC -- letters that are followed by numbers ranging from 423 to 428. This page tells you where within that range you can find books on CSD specialties.

CSD LC Call Numbers

RC423.A2-Z    General works
RC424             Stuttering
RC424.5          Cluttering
RC424.7          Articulation disorders
RC425             Aphasia - general works
RC425.3          Conduction aphasia
RC425.5          Agrammatism
RC425.6          Anomia
RC425.7          Paragrammatism
RC426             Echolalia
RC427             Speech clinics
RC428             Study and teaching                     
RC428.5          Speech therapy as a profession
RC428.8          Psychological aspects
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