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How to obtain materials from other libraries.

NEWS and UPDATES on Borrowing

The Library Pandemic Resources page contains additional helpful ebook materials to support distance learning during our COVID disruption.

           You may still contact the library staff for online assistance with our many online tools. 

Borrowing from Other Libraries

JOURNAL ARTICLES - How to determine if we have it, and how to request those we do not already provide within our packages. 



  • You can enter known citation information directly into the "Borrow from Other Libraries" Interlibrary Loan (ILL) form when we do not have immediate access. 


    Find and create Requests for known journal articles:

  • the Central Index allows you to quickly jump to a known item record using known citation information.
  • If we do not own the item, you may need to use the "Borrow From Other Libraries" request option.
  • the interdisciplinary SCOPUS database will auto-complete the article details into the Request form if we do not have a subscription. Use the "Access Materials" option to determine our holdings and/or to place a request.
  • You can search our complete journal holdings using the Journal List


Before you request any books using our Borrow From Other Libraries service (below) for books within our state-wide I-Share consortium using the I-Share book catalog.  

I-Share is a network of over 88 academic libraries throughout Illinois (including SXU) that share their book collections. If books are available in I-Share, it usually takes 3 business days for the book to arrive. Books can be delivered to any Illinois CARLI library location. (Out of state and remote/distance students should use their local public library to request books.)

     You must Login in order to view availability and request items from other libraries. (See our video of this search process). 

     You login to the catalog using your netID and password.


NOTE: The SXU I-Share interface provides various citation functionalities.

  • You can limit to SXU materials, or expand to the state-wide consortium using the pull-down under the search box.
  • You must Login before you can request items from other libraries.
  • You can limit or browse using subjects, locations, languages, genres, and dates.
  • You can Pin and then email or download specific records.
  • NOTE: Use the UTC or EndNote format to download records into Zotero from the I-Share book catalog.

   If you do not find the desired book material in the local resources above

            search libraries outside our state-wide consortium using the Worldcat database.

  • This tool will allow you to access these materials via the Borrow From Other Libraries service.
  • You log into this Tipasa service using your regular campus netID and password.   


  • You can usually borrow books, journal articles, and many other materials from libraries around the country at no charge.
  • The lending library, not the SXU Library, determines what they will loan.
  • Many libraries will not send textbooks, DVDs, theses, or materials that are rare or on Reserve.
  • The SXU Library may charge fines and/or block registration for overdue and/or lost items.
  • When borrowing from another library, you are responsible for paying fines directly to the lending library.
  • Undergraduate students will be restricted from placing journal article requests once we have reached our annual Fair Use limitations.
  • We strive to provide requested material within five business days.



If the materials are unavailable through I-Share, you can obtain items from over 10,000 libraries in the continental United States.

  • You must log in to your Borrow from Other Libraries account to use this service.
  • Books ordered this way use the U.S. Postal Service and may take five to ten days to arrive, so plan accordingly.
  • Journal articles are scanned and delivered electronically and may take up to five days.
  • Books can be delivered to any Illinois CARLI library location. (Out of state and remote/distance students should use their local public library to request books.)



For help with these options you can contact the library via phone (773) 298-3352, via chat, or email:


If you are experiencing problems logging in, or you are looking for a status report on a previous request:

  call 773-298-3353 or you can send an email with the details to

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