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History and Political Science Book Information

This guide will provide information about discovering books in the area of History.

NOTE: Electronic books (ebooks) will only be found by searching the catalog or the Electronic books tool.

Discovering Books in History and Political Science

Finding Books Using Library of Congress Subject Headings

There are two ways to discover books on History and Political Science:

(1) Search the online book catalog

In our online catalog, keywords can be used to automatically search across titles, tables of contents, and Library of Congress subject headings.  The subject headings help you find books related to a particular topic.

When you find a good book, click on the book title.  This will take you to a detailed record which includes subject headings.  Click on any subject heading and the catalog will automatically find books related to that subject heading.

(2) Browse books on the shelf

Books are arranged on the shelves using the Library of Congress classification system.  The classification system groups together books related to a particular subject.

This enables books on a particular topic to be located side-by-side, so browse the shelves!

Classification for books on History, Political Science and Law

Class Subject Heading  
  World History  
D   History (General)
DA   Great Britain
DAW   Central Europe
DB   Austria
    Czech Republic, Slovakia
DC   France
DD   Germany
DE   Greco-Roman World
DF   Greece
DG   Italy
DH   Low Countries
    Benelux Countries
DJ   Netherlands, Holland
DJK   Eastern Europe (General)
DK   Poland
    Soviet Union
    Former Soviet Republics
DL   Northern Europe
DP   Spain, Portugal
DQ   Switzerland
DR   Balkan Peninsula
DS   Asia
DT   Africa
DU   Ocenia (South Seas)
DX   Romanies
E History of the Americas  
  11-143 America
  151-909 United States
F History of the Americas  
  1-975 United States local history
  1001-1145.2 Canada (including British America)
    Dutch America
  1170 French America
  1201-3799 Latin America
    Spanish America
  Political Science  
J   General legislative and executive papers
JA   Political science (General)
JC   Political theory
JF      Political institutions
    Public administration
JJ   Political institutions (North America)
    Public administration (North America)
JK   Political institutions (United States)
    Public administration (United States)
JL   Political institutions (Canada)
    Political institutions (Latin America)
    Public administration (Canada)
    Public administration (Latin America)
JN   Political institutions (Europe)
    Public administration (Europe)
JQ   Political institutions (Asia)
    Political institutions (Africa)
    Political institutions (Australia)
    Political institutions (Ocenia)
    Public administration (Asia)
    Public administration (Africa)
    Public administration (Australia)
    Public administration (Oceania)
JS   Local government
    Municipal government
JV   Colonies and colonization
    Emigration and immigration
    International migration
JX (obsolete) International law
    (see JZ and KZ)
JZ   International relations
K   Law (General)
    Comparative and uniform law
KB   Religious law (General)
KBM   Jewish law
KBP   Islamic law
KBR   History of canon law
KBU   Law of the Roman Catholic Church
    The Holy See
KD   United Kingdom
KDK   Ireland
KDZ   North America
KE   Canada
KF   United States
KG   Latin America
    Mexico, Central America
    West Indies
KH      South America
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