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Hispanic Heritage

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with SXU and the Murphy Stump Library!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

  • We have celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month every September 15 to November 15 since 1988. We even have a regional connection: Illinois' then-Senator Paul Simon sponsored the legislation! 
  • Are you wondering why it's September 15 to October 15? Because so many countries in Latin America attained their independence during this month-long period! Check out National Hispanic Heritage Month's About page for more information.
  • Hispanic Heritage Monththe official page, offers lesson plans, art, and events.

SXU Initiatives

  • In April 2018, Saint Xavier won its first grant as a Hispanic-Serving Institution! It is a 1.46 million dollar grant from the Nation Science Foundation to support students pursuing career paths in the sciences. Learn more about the grant

Library Treasures on Display!

This month we are displaying some of the Murphy Stump Library's South American treasures! Check out a first edition of Nobel Laureate Gabriela Mistral's first book-length collection, Desolación, then look at Peruvian writer and activist Clorinda Matto de Turner's very scandalous (and revolutionary) novel Aves Sin Nido.

Books on Display

Curious about the books on display during Hispanic Heritage Month? Check out this list!

Films on Display

Interested in the films and documentaries on display for Hispanic Heritage Month? Check them out!

Sisters of Mercy in Latin America

The Sisters of Mercy first came to Buenos Aires in 1856, just ten years after they founded Saint Xavier University. Learn more about their work in the region, then delve into the Mercy Mission.

Local Cultural Centers & Museums

From Your Perspective

  • Ethnic NewsWatchDelve into different perspectives on contemporary events with articles from alternative publications.
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