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Survey: Students with Exceptionalities (EDU 323): Articles

Survey: Students with Exceptionalities (EDU 323)

Education Databases

You will want to search for articles in the databases:

Searching Tips

Put quote marks around phrases.  If you get zero or very few results, remove the quote marks.

Do not be surprised if you have to revise your search.  Use different terms to describe your topic.

To Broaden your search in order to retrieve more results:  Look at the subjects and skim the abstracts to the articles and decide if any of the other terms are also appropriate and add them. 

To Narrow your search in order to retrieve fewer results:   Look at the subjects and skim the abstracts articles and decided if any of the other terms are more specific and use them.  Limit your results by age or grade grouping.  Ex.  grade school, middle school, high school, adolescents, youth 

ERIC Example

To locate documents on traumatic brain injury and its effects on memory, you will enter in your terms as shown in the example in the box.


To limit the results to peer reviewed articles, simply click  Peer Reviewed Articles found under Limit To on the left side of the screen.

The results are scholarly, peer reviewed articles.  Do any of them look interesting?  If you are not interested in memory, replace it with another term.

Try your other topics using the same approach .  In the first box, enter your assigned topic, and in the second box, enter  the area you are interested in studying.

For example:

ELL OR "english language learners"

"reading aloud to others" 


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