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Informative Speech: Articles, Reports, and More.

Informative Speaking

A Topic from Different Points of View

Ethnic NewsWatch. Articles from ethnic and alternative Journals, magazines, and newspapers.

How to determine if your resources are current, relevant, accurate, authoritative, and purposeful for your paper: give it the CRAAP  test.

Citation Tool

Build a bibliography using Zotero.  Watch this informative video to learn more.

Professor Alan H. Monroe

Monroe's Motivated Sequence
Perfecting the Call to Act (from MindTools)
Dr. Monroe is known for his development of the motivated sequence, a speech-writing strategy that is effective for topics intended to convince an audience to take a desired action.

Sample Topic: Political Correctness

Articles in Core Journals Use keywords: political correctness
This is where you will begin to narrow your results using the facets on the left.  Limit by year, full-text, peer-reviewed, geography, and more.  This database allows you to collect articles, and provides several citation formats to choose from.

5 Reasons Why Peer-Reviewed Matters
IF you need to find peer-reviewed resources, this article is a good explanation of why.

Recent Newspaper Articles

Perspectives from American newspapers:

From The Week
Inside America's War Over Political Correctness

From The Chicago Tribune
The University of Common Sense: Defending free speech, the U. of C. takes on the culture of trigger warnings and safe spaces

Click the Cite button and select your citation format.  The system will cite the reference for you:
The university of common sense. (2016, Aug 26). Chicago Tribune Retrieved from

Sample search in The Chicago Tribune for "university of chicago" political correctness renders these results.

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