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Follow the Reader: Senior Seminar in Research Writing (ENG 395): MLA Bibliography

Follow the Reader: Senior Seminar in Research Writing ---A research guide for Prof.Tegan's course (ENGL-395)


Search Screen for MLA Bibliography

The Modern Language Association International Bibliography database is available on library subscription. There are Basic (keyword only) and Advanced Search options available (see Help here).

Use Thesaurus, Names as Subjects, Cited References, and Indexes --- all visible in the bar at the top of the search screen ---for focused and comprehensive searches.

Below is a list of all searchable indexes in the database.

 Index Browse

Access the index browse feature by clicking the  "Indexes" button on the upper portion of the search screen. Use the drop-down menu to choose an index to browse. Indexes available for browsing in the MLA International Bibliography database are listed below. Tags for all fields included in the index browse feature begin with "Z" (e.g. "ZA" for Author).

ZC Accession Number
ZA Author
ZK Book Source
ZG Dissertation Source
ZH Editors
ZY Folklore Topic
ZJ Journal Title
ZL Language
ZX Linguistics Topic
ZP Literary Influence
ZZ Literary Source
ZV Literary Technique
ZF Literature Topic
ZM Location
ZQ Primary Subject Author
ZO Primary Subject Work
ZT Publication Type
ZR Publication Year
ZB Publisher
ZS Series
ZE Subject Language
ZD Subject Literature
ZU Subjects-All

Test Yourself

How would you best search these topics in the MLA Bibliography database?


•   Identify peer-reviewed articles on dyslexia published since 2000.

•   You need to research ethnic stereotypes in the works of William Shakespeare.

•   What were the literary influences on Bertolt Brecht?

•   What articles cited the work "Naked Lunch". Repeat the search in Google Scholar and compare results [example].

•   You found the following article in the  MLA Bibliography database but it is not available in full-text. What do you do?

•   Identify articles on postcolonial literary theory.

•   Locate the full-text of the following article found in the MLA Bibliography.

Geuss, Raymond. "Happiness And Politics." Arion: A Journal Of Humanities And The Classics 10.1 (2002): 15-33. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 29 Sept. 2015.


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