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Scholar's Research Toolbox (FACULTY): Google & Research

Scholar's Research Toolbox (FACULTY)

Searching Google

Search educational sites only, e.g., philosophy AND site:edu

Search with phrases in quotation marks, e.g., "health reform" site:gov

Search within a specific website, e.g., DNA

Search with exact words when you don't need synonyms included in the results, e.g., +undergraduates

Things to Keep in Mind....

Personalization and Geolocation will affect the results of searches. Google will deliver results based on where you are. Try searching other search engines.

Prior search history and browser version will influence the results of the search.  Browser version indicates to Google the sophistication level of the searcher.

Google results are influenced by searcher's implicit feedback such as: how much time a user spends on a page; scrolling; interacting with ads; frequency and time of day surfing the web; and data Google receives from user's different applications (IM, reader, e-mail).

Google results are also influenced by searcher's explicit feedback such as: bookmarking a page; checking like/dislike button; printing or e-mailing the page.

Linking Google Scholar to Our Journals

Google Scholar provides free searching of  a selection of the academic journal literature, but you will need to set our link resolver to have access to all the full-text articles that are available to you through our subscriptions.

More comprehensive searches are performed in our subject specific journal indexes and the SCOPUS database.

Google Scholar Citation Tracking

Google Scholar has recently added Google Scholar Citations tool allowing authors to track their cited works, create their profiles and connect with other researchers in the field. Google account is required to search the Google Scholar Citations. The following is an example of a scholar's profile.

Google Art Project

Employing Google Maps technology, the Art Project allows visitors to explore interactively hundreds of world museums through the simulated touring of the spaces. 

Google Image searching

You can find fair use images by starting with the Google Image Search Advanced page and selecting the free options on the bottom pull-down. You can input an image or image URL.

Other image search options are the CC search by Creative commons and the Smithsonian Museum digital gallery.

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