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The BQR exhibits highlight SXU Art student work.

The exhibits compliment the student art that is located throughout the library.

Moving Through

About the Exhibit

Moving Through

Through the use of color, line, and scarred canvases, Moving Through is a visual interpretation of the monumental experiences that occurred while moving through my life. Inspired by Yoko Ono's "Beat Piece", my goal is to portray the actions and emotions expressed through twisted lines and translucent surfaces. 

This series of connecting paintings have similar aspects throughout. I created a process for the base of my canvases for a unique textured background. I started off with a layer of watered down paint. Following that, I took two canvases, both with a layer of watered down paint and sprayed perfume on each. This acted as an adhesive, in which I then stacked one canvas facing the other. I would leave these canvases to dry together. After the drying process, I separated them revealing a lifting of the canvases in some areas, thereby creating two unique canvases. To further create a solid base for my paintings, I simply layered paint over these pieces and continued overtop with my design.

Each painting is meant to connect to a feeling or an event I experience in my life. I showcase this through the varying line design, the texture, and the color. Though the titles clue into my intention for each piece, they are subjective. You can find yourself moving through your own life in my paintings and connect your own emotions and experiences to each piece- or simply appreciate the design for what it is.

My newest work in this series further pushes the concept of not only moving through my life but also moving through my work. The similar linear aspect remains the same, but in this subseries I intended to push the surface texture. The intentional lifting of the canvases occurred through the same process as before, but revealed a greater impact on the larger scale. Because of this, light travels through my paintings but can only be seen from certain angles.

Alejandra Rodriguez


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