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Art Books: Art Books

Art Books -- Library of Congress Classification

The books in the library are arranged by subject according to the following outline:



Subclass N


N1-(9211)            Visual arts

N1-58                    General

N61-72                  Theory.  Philosophy.  Aesthetics of the visual arts

N81-390                               Study and teaching.  Research

N400-3990                           Art museums, galleries, etc.

N4390-5098                        Exhibitions                                                                                         

N5198-5299                        Private collections and collectors

N5300-7418                        History

N7420-7525.8                     General works

N7560-8266                        Special subjects of art

N8350-8356                        Art as a profession.  Artists

N8510-8553                        Art studios, materials, etc.

N8554-8585                        Examination and conservation of works of art

N8600-8675                        Economics of art

N8700-9165                        Art and the state.  Public art


Subclass NA


NA1-9428            Architecture

NA1-60                 General

NA100-130                          Architecture and the state

NA190-1555.5                    History

NA1995                Architecture as a profession

NA2000-2320                     Study and teaching.  Research

NA2335-2360                     Competitions

NA2400-2460                     Museums.  Exhibitions

NA2500-2599                     General works

NA 2599.5-2599.9                             Architectural criticism

NA2695-2793                     Architectural drawing and design

NA2835-4050                     Details and decoration

NA4100-8480                     Special classes of buildings

NA4100-4145                                     Classed by material

NA4150-4160                                     Classed by form

NA4170-8480                                     Classed by use

NA4170-(7020)                                                  Public buildings

NA4590-5621                                                                     Religious architecture

NA7100-7884                                                     Domestic architecture.  Houses.  Dwellings

NA7910-8125                                                     Clubhouses, guild houses, etc.

NA8200-8260                                                     Farm architecture

NA8300-8480                                                     Outbuildings, gates, fences, etc.

NA9000-9428                     Aesthetics of cities.  City planning and beautifying


Subclass NB


NB1-1952             Sculpture

NB1-50                 General

NB60-1115                          History

Including collective biography

NB1120-1133                      Study and teaching

NB1134-1134.4                  Competitions

NB1135-1150                      General works

NB1160-1195                      Designs and technique

NB1199-1200                      Restoration of sculptures

NB1203-1270                      Special materials

NB1272-1291                      Mobiles, color, sculpture gardens, etc.

NB1293-1895                      Special forms

NB1293-1310                                      Portrait sculpture

NB1312-1313                                      Equestrian statues

NB1330-1685                                      Sculptural monuments

NB1750-1793                                      Religious monuments and shrines

NB1800-1880                                      Sepulchral monuments

NB1910-1952                      Special subjects


Subclass NC


NC1-1940             Drawing.  Design.  Illustration

NC1-45                 General

Including collective biography

NC50-266                             History of drawing

NC390-670                          Study and teaching

NC673-677                          Competitions

NC703-725                          General works

NC730-758                          Technique

NC760-825                          Special subjects

NC845-915                          Graphic art materials

NC930                   Conservation and restoration of drawings

NC950-(996)                       Illustration

NC997-1003                        Commercial art.  Advertising art

NC1280-1284                      Printed ephemera.  Imagerie populaire

NC1300-1766                      Pictorial humor, caricature, etc.

NC1800-1850                      Posters

NC1860-1896                      Greeting cards, postcards, invitations, book jackets, etc.

NC1920-1940                      Copying, enlarging, and reduction of drawings


Subclass ND


ND25-3416          Painting

ND25-(48)                           General

ND49-813                            History

ND1115-1120                     Study and teaching

ND1130-1156                     General works

ND1288-1460                     Special subjects

ND1290-1293                                     Human figure

ND1300-1337                                     Portraits


ND1340-1367                                     Landscape painting

ND1370-1375                                     Marine painting

ND1380-1383                                     Animals.  Birds

ND1385-1388                                     Sports.  Hunting, fishing, etc.

ND1390-1393                                     Still life

ND1400-1403                                     Flowers.  Fruit.  Trees

ND1410-1460                                     Other subjects

ND1470-1625                     Technique and materials

ND1630-1662                     Examination and conservation of paintings

ND1700-2495                     Watercolor painting

ND2550-2733                     Mural painting

ND2889-3416                     Illuminating of manuscripts and books


Subclass NE


NE1-3002             Print media

NE1-978                               Printmaking and engraving

NE1-90                                  General

NE 218-(330)                                      Engraved portraits.  Self-portraits

NE380                                   Conservation and restoration of prints

NE390-395                                           Collected works

NE400-773                                           History of printmaking

NE830-898                                           General works

NE951-962                                           Special subjects

NE965-965.3                                       Tradesmen's cards

NE970-973                                           Study and teaching

NE975-975.4                                       Competitions

NE977-978                                           Equipment

NE1000-1352                      Wood engraving

NE1000-1027                                      General

NE1030-1196.3                                  History

NE1220-1233                                      General works

NE1310-1326.5                                  Japanese prints

NE1330-1336                                      Linoleum block prints

NE1340                                 Fish prints

NE1344-1345                                      Potato prints

NE1350-1352                                      Other materials used in relief printing

NE1400-1879                      Metal engraving

NE1400-1422                                      General

NE1620-1630                                      General works

NE1634-1749                                      History

NE1750-1775                                      Copper engraving

NE1850-1879                                      Color prints

NE1940-2232.5                  Etching and aquatint

NE1940-1975                                      General

NE1980-2055.5                                  History

NE2120-2140                                      General works

NE2141-2149                                      Special subjects

NE2220-2225                                      Dry point

NE2236-2240.6                  Serigraphy


NE2242-2246                      Monotype (Printmaking)

NE2250-2570                      Lithography

NE2685-2685.8                  Lumiprints

NE2690                 Engraving on glass

NE2800-2880                      Printing of engravings

NE3000-3002                      Copying art.  Copying machine art


Subclass NK


NK1-(9990)         Decorative arts

NK1-570                               General

NK600-806                          History

NK1135-1149.5                  Arts and crafts movement

NK1160-1590                      Decoration and ornament.  Design

NK1160-1174                                      General

NK 1175-(1498)                                 History

NK1505-1535                                      General works

NK1548-1590                                      Special subjects for design

NK1648-1678                      Religious art

NK1700-2195                      Interior decoration.  House decoration

NK1700-2138                                      General.  History, etc.

Including special rooms

NK2140-2180                                      Decorative painting

NK2190-2192                                      Church decoration

NK2200-2750                      Furniture

NK2775-2898                      Rugs and carpets

NK2975-3049                      Tapestries

NK3175-3296.3                  Upholstery.  Drapery

NK3375-3496.3                  Wallpapers

NK 3600-(9990)                 Other arts and art industries

NK3700-4695                                      Ceramics

NK4700-4890                                      Costume

NK5100-5440                                      Glass

NK5500-6060                                      Glyptic arts

NK6400-8459                                      Metalwork

NK8800-9505.5                                  Textiles

NK9600-9955                                      Woodwork


Subclass NX


NX1-820               Arts in general

NX1-260                               General

NX280-410                          Study and teaching.  Research

NX411-415                          Competitions

NX420-430                          Exhibitions

NX440-632                          History of the arts

NX650-694                          Special subjects, characters, persons, religious arts, etc.

NX700-750                          Patronage of the arts

NX760-770                          Administration of the arts

NX775-777                          Voluntarism in the arts


NX798-820                          Arts centers and facilities


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