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Introduction to the Study of Psychopathology (PSYC 204-01/02) Dr. Julie Deisinger: HOME

Introduction to the Study of Psychopathology (PSYC 204-01/02) Dr. Julie Deisinger

Course Assignment

This guide will help you get started with the course assignment. For additional psychology information see the Psychology Subject guide.

You will become a member of a group with four other classmates. (In other words, each group will contain five students.) Groups will be randomly assigned via Canvas. Random assignment is the best way to ensure that individual differences will be evenly distributed across groups.

Each group will create an annotated bibliography containing ten (10) recently published references that pertain to mental disorders.  "Recently published" means that the reference sources should have been published within the preceding five years (i.e., from 2010 through 2015).  Examples of mental disorders include Major Depressive Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Schizophrenia. The course textbook offers other examples. 

Every member of your group will each be responsible for finding two references to contribute to the group's annotated bibliography. Appropriate sources for this assignment consist of peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books, chapters from edited scholarly volumes, and professional websites. Each member of the group must contribute at least one source that is a journal article, a scholarly book, or a chapter from an edited volume. The rest of the sources in the paper may include any of these types of references, as well as professional websites. 

Each of you will be responsible for writing summaries for the two sources that you've found.

The bibliography should be in the APA style.

Diagnostic Manual and Tests


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