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How to obtain materials from other libraries.

Borrowing from Other Libraries


Before you request any books from our Borrow From Other Libraries Login (below) for books within our state-wide I-Share consortium using the I-Share 4.0 interface.  I-Share is a network of over 120 academic libraries throughout Illinois (including SXU) that share their book collections. If books are available in I-Share, it usually takes 3 business days for the book to arrive.

Remember to Login first in order to see and request items from other libraries. (See our video of this process). 

     Using the new I-Share 4.0 interface, you will log in using your Barcode, which is the numbers (not the leading and trailing letters) below your ID card barcode, and then your last name. You will need to log in to borrow materials. 

    Students without ID Cards can build their required Barcode number using the mySXU portal. Go to my.sxu,edu, click on Self-Service, Students, Academic Profile, and then My Profile to find your 7 digit Colleague number. When asked to enter the Barcode, enter the school prefix 2131100 followed by your 7 digit Colleague number. (This is equivalent to the numbers under the barcode on an ID card, without the leading and trailing letters.)

            OLDER I-Share account information:

   We still maintain the OLDER I-Share LoginUsing the older interface, new students and faculty must create a Borrower ID account in order to use the book delivery option within our consortial I-Share catalog. When filling in your email address, you must use your SXU email account. The Colleague ID, which is a piece of information required in order to generate a Borrower ID, is the numbers under the barcode on your ID card, without the leading and trailing letters. (See above for details.)  Record your password, as this password will not change when your campus password changes.

Beyond our I-Share Consortium:

    If you do not find the desired material in our I-Share catalog, then proceed to...

Borrow From Other Libraries Login  (for book loans and journal article copies from libraries outside our state-wide consortium).

Login to this Tipasa service using your regular campus UserID and password.   

QUESTIONS? Call 773-298-3353 or you can also contact the library via phone (773) 298-3352 or email

POLICIES: You can borrow books, journal articles, and other materials from libraries around the country at no charge. The lending library, not the SXU Library, determines what they will loan. Many libraries will not send textbooks, DVDs, theses, or materials that are rare or on Reserve.

The SXU Library may charge fines for late and/or lost items. When borrowing from another library, you are responsible for paying fines.



If the materials are unavailable through I-Share, you can obtain items from over 10,000 libraries in the continental United States. You must log in to your Borrow from Other Libraries account to use this service.

  • Books ordered this way use the U.S. Postal Service and may take five to ten days to arrive, so plan accordingly.
  • Journal articles are scanned and delivered electronically and may take up to five days. Article requests may be entered directly from search result records within our journal index databases. (Use either the "Borrow From Other Libraries" or the "Access Material" links found beside each journal article record.)
  • For known journal articles, search for your desired item in the SCOPUS database, as this interdisciplinary database will auto-complete the article details into the request form
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