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Introduction to the Study of Psychopathology (PSYC 204-01/02) Dr. Julie Deisinger: FINDING BOOKS

Introduction to the Study of Psychopathology (PSYC 204-01/02) Dr. Julie Deisinger

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BF 1-990           |         Psychology

BF 176-176.5     |        Psychological tests and testing

BF 180-198.7     |        Experimental psychology

BF 309-499        |       Consciousness/Cognition [Learning, Attention, Comprehension, Memory, Imagination, Genius, Intelligence, Thought & Thinking, Psycholinguistics]

BF 636-637        |       Applied psychology

BF 660-685        |      Comparative psychology. Animal & human psychology

BF 712-724.85   |      Developmental psychology [Infant psychology, Child psychology, Adolescence, Adulthood]


Electronic Book Library (no charge to SXU students, faculty and staff). Requires NetiD and password to access and read online.

Our primary e-book platform. Records are searchable in the regular book catalog, but this option offers deeper keyword searching. May be viewed online or downloaded.  Download requires an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions (or an alternate ePub Reader app). 

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Free E-Books

HathiTrust Digital Library preserves and provides access since 2008 to material scanned by Google, some of the Internet Archive books, and some scanned locally by partner institutions. As of May 2010, it includes about 6 million volumes, over 1 million of which are public domain (at least in the US).

The Digital Library collection, within the Internet Archive which digitizes music, videos, and TV News, and over 1000 books a day, as well as mirrors books from Google Books and other sources. As of July 2014, it hosted over 8 million public domain books, greater than the approximate 1 million public domain books at Google Books.

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A significant part of Google Books offers full-text books that are in public domain. Other works allow previews only. Limiting options are available under Search Tools on the screen.

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