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Collection Development


The Library’s first priority is to support the curriculum at Saint Xavier University. Students are challenged in their studies to explore a wide range of human issues and to formulate their own responses. As a result, the library acquires materials that represent the full range of opinions and ideas.

The Library supports faculty research through interlibrary loan, cooperative arrangements with other libraries, and access to a wide range of electronic databases.

Resources may be in a variety of formats to provide as much subject coverage as possible within budgetary constraints. The collection is kept current and vital through judicious replacement and weeding.

The criteria that selectors use to evaluate potential purchases are the quality of content and the fulfillment of curricular needs. Specific considerations include the following:

  • Authoritativeness of the author or the reputation of the publisher.
  • Appropriateness of the level of treatment.
  • Strength of the present holdings in the same or related subject areas.
  • Lasting value of the content.
  • Cost.

Print Books

In addition to the criteria above, the following considerations are used:

  • Highly specialized monographs that will not assist students will not be purchased.
  • Only one copy of an item will normally be purchased.
  • Items that are missing, lost, or withdrawn because of wear are not automatically replaced. Decisions to replace such items are based on the importance of the item to the collection, the demand for the item, and the cost of replacement.
  • Items in other languages than English will not normally be purchased unless they support language courses taught at the University.
  • The majority of items purchased are current.
  • Interlibrary loan requests from our students and faculty will be reviewed to see if the materials should be purchased.

Electronic Resources

The selection criteria for electronic resources are the same as for other formats. In addition, the following considerations may apply:

  • License agreements.
  • Degree of overlap with any print or other electronic equivalent.
  • Reliability of the vendor and the quality of the product determined by reputations, review, or preview..
  • Cost in relation to the anticipated benefit (cost per use).
  • Interface and ease of use.
  • Reliability and permanence of archival access.

Other Nonprint Materials

The selection criteria for nonprint materials are the same as for other formats, with special emphases on the suitability of the format to the content, the quality of the production, the sustainability of the format, and the obsolescence of the equipment needed to access the format.

Please send suggested purchases using our Purchase Request Information process.

Budget Concerns

The library is experiencing significant budget pressure due to a variety of factors:

The library annual allocation does not increase at a rate that can match these new costs.

Therefore, the library performs cost-per-use evaluations and reallocates our existing resources in order to find a balance that maintains our traditional services as well as adopts new tools and services. Some cancelations need to occur to create flexibility in our funds. We involve the faculty and staff in these assessments and deliberations, which often include restrictions based upon pre-created packages and other aggregated full text tools. We continue to monitor the disruptive Open Access movement as a possible alternative to present commercial distribution mechanisms for peer reviewed material.

We also utilize cooperative collection development projects with other state-wide libraries within the CARLI consortium in order to provide a deeper and more cost-effective collection.


2015/16 statistics:

  • Serials/Journals/Databases: $373,289   (FY12 to FY16 shows a 14% loss in real buying power)
  • Books: $20,000                                             (FY12 to FY16 shows a 43% loss in real buying power)
  • Operations (contracted services, i.e. WorldCat, ILL, I-Share): $57,000


Below is a graph showing the cost of library materials compared to the general cost of living as seen in the Consumer Price Index.

ARL serials and monograph inflation






Expenditures by LC (subject range) FY2016

Book Use by Call Number (2010-2015)

Our collection elements

The majority of our budget is applied to Interdisciplinary tools such as:

  • Academic Search Complete (the index and full text package of Core journals)
  • SCOPUS (the interdisciplinary journal index with citation tracking and impact data)
  • journal packages (JSTOR, Muse, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, society titles)
  • news resources (Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, LexisNexis, New York Times, CQ, packages, etc.)
  • CREDO reference (dictionary and encyclopedia) search tool
  • video and audio packages (classic films, documentaries, streaming music, lab and clinical techniques)

Additional dollars are spent on supplementary packages in high priority (curriculum support) areas:

  • business databases and financial data tools
  • nursing aggregators with in-depth indexing and full text materials
  • education aggregators with in-depth indexing and full text materials
  • Ethnic NewsWatch newspaper aggregator

We also spend funds on supporting tools:

  • Full Text Finder linker to subscribed journal articles
  • Multiple Database Search Tool providing a single-search box option
  • WorldCat and Tipasa interlibrary loan (ILL) "Borrow From Other Libraries" delivery network
  • OCLC catalog tool for new book metadata records


Most Used Tools

Most used search and full text tools:

Academic Search Complete:                                        33508
CINAHL Complete:                                                         28389
Business Source Complete:                                        12307
JSTOR Arts & Sciences I-X, and Life Sciences:        10725
LexisNexis Academic:                                                      9289
Medline with Full Text:                                                       6238
Mergent:                                                                               6139
Sage Premier:                                                                    4825
LWW Nursing & Health Professions Premier Collection:    4821
Chicago Tribune Full Text:                                               4327
Communication and Mass Media Complete:              3893
PsycArticles:                                                                       3551
Historical Chicago Tribune:                                           3526
PsycInfo:                                                                             3224
Chronicle of Higher Education:                                     3000
Value Line Investment Survey On-line:                        2862
SocINDEX with Full Text:                                                2461
Education Research Complete:                                   2345
Credo Reference:                                                            2227
MAS Ultra:                                                                          1856
America:  History and Life:                                             1237
Project Muse:                                                                    1212
PrivCo:                                                                                  997
American Song                                                                  863
Films on Demand:                                                            829
Wall Street Journal:                                                           697
Standard & Poor's Netadvantage:                                 600
Ethnic NewsWatch:                                                           532
CQ Press:                                                                           471
Oxford English Dictionary:                                               465
ATLAS:                                                                                 435
Cochrane Collection Plus:                                             417
RIPM Online Archive Full Text:                                       368
Nursing Reference Center Plus:                                  324
Art & Architecture Complete:                                         306
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print: 207
American Chemical Society:                                        200
Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries                   191
JAMA                                                                                 170
Grove Dictionary of Music Online                                135
SciFinder Chem Abstracts                                             91



Most Used Tools Outside of the Academic Search Complete and EBSCO packages:

Target Reporting Period Total
Total for all Link Outs 16521
Elsevier Science Direct (Article) 4802
Sage Publications (Article) 2320
OVID (Article) 2243
Publication Finder (Books & Journals) 979
JSTOR (Article)


American Song 863
EBSCOhost SmartLinks 852
CrossRef (Article) 851
Lexis-Nexis Academic (Article) 542
ILLiad 520
Highwire Press (Article) 400
PubMed Central (Article) 363
Elsevier ScienceDirect College Editions (Article) 327
DOAJ (Journal) 235
Google - Title Link 227
Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries 191
SciELO (Journal) 188
Project Muse (Article) 175
American Medical Association (Article) 136
Gale (Article) 124
SciELO (Issue) 89
SpringerLink (Article) 61
Wiley (Article) 42
PubMed Central - EISSN (Article) 32
OVID Journal (Article) 30
Search for this book on A-to-Z. 27
JST (Article) 22
PLoS One 12
JSTAGE - Open Access (Article) 11
De Gruyter 5
Royal Society of Chemistry (Article) 5
Taylor & Francis (Article) 5
Bioline (Issue) 2
CQ Weekly (Issue) 2
Institute of Physics (Article) 2
BioOne (Article) 1
Persee (Issue) 1
PLoS - Public Library of Science (Article)



Most Downloaded Documents/Results

TOOL       (Results/Hits    Record Views)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Academic Search Complete 123014 67644
CINAHL Complete 56942 26158
MEDLINE with Full Text 11435 5432
PsycINFO 8858 5595
PsycARTICLES 7466 3344
Education Research Complete 7220 4044
Business Source Complete 6197 3027
ERIC 4776 2991
Communication & Mass Media Complete 4270 2662
Scopus® 4066 1795
Academic OneFile 3993 1912
SocINDEX with Full Text 2649 1543
ScienceDirect 1462 700
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition 1375 788
America: History & Life 1302 949
eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) 1050 585
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials 1031 843
MasterFILE Premier 1026 467
Publisher Provided Full Text Searching File 916 474
JSTOR Journals 913 423
Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost 874 324
Professional Development Collection 855 429
MLA International Bibliography 818 457
Newspaper Source 638 1831
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 603 176
Discovery eBooks 597 407
Art & Architecture Complete 523 326
Research Starters 440 103
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects 426 151
GreenFILE 410 392
Project MUSE 404 206
Supplemental Index 382 218
Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials 355 240
Health and Psychosocial Instruments 257 176
Philosopher's Index 242 492
Nursing Reference Center Plus 240 42
Business Source Elite 233 136
Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations 230 156
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 222 81
Harvard Library Bibliographic Dataset 188 137
Health News 174 21
OAIster 171 116
Regional Business News 167 76
NewsBank 153 101
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print 135 47
Military & Government Collection 124 63
Consumer Health Complete 114 60
MAS Ultra - School Edition 105 1998
Gale Virtual Reference Library 104 65

Collection and Borrowing Statistics


Paper Books:  101,489
   60,194 Stacks (includes 2,045 juvenile books and 690 Course Texts), 1,185 Rare Books, 626 Oversize
    41,295 Remote Shelving (most suppressed) + 1,208 visible (permanent, so far)
   Haddad Collection: 1,508
   SXU Author Collection: 34
Test Assessments: 67 kits
Archives: 300 cubic feet, 436 University Publications
DVDs: 7,693  (1,397 in Remote)
Music CDs: 22
Microforms: few
ebooks: 8,0111 individual titles (EBL,ebrary and CARLI) plus HathiTrust

withdrawn from Stacks: 4,670
withdrawn from OSS: 17,164  (25%)


Fulltext Journal Articles: 
FY2016  171,690 downloads   (80/20)  19,388 through resolver = 11%  17% increase
FY2015  143,993 downloads   (pdf/html = 82/22%)  105,405 through EDS (73%), 16,521 through resolver (11%); 14% increase
FY2014  123,386 downloads   (pdf/html = 77/23%)
Ebook use data:
CARLI/I-Share consortial books: 1,500 views
ebrary/EBL/EBSCOhost books: 619 views, 7 views, 1120 sessions/46 views
DVD (movie) charges: 2,227 and 155 renewals
Annual Book Circulation: 
FY2016 16,054   (6000 renewals, 74 Reserves, plus 8,000 laptops)
FY2015 14,612   (6,018 renewals, plus 277 Reserves plus 4,000 laptops plus 2,227 DVDs)
FY2014 14,260   (6,095 renewals, plus 3,000 laptop loans)

I-Share  Borrow:
FY2016    2,544    (28% of our CARLI circulation/use)
FY2015    3,503

I-Share Loan:     
FY2016    3,786    (20% of our CARLI circulation/use)
FY2015    2,946

Illiad   (OCLC; Beyond I-Share consortium)
FY2016   Borrow submitted: 1,746
                           filled: 1,237  (71%) 
                           1,096 articles, 141 books  
                           In-state: 666 (53%),
                           Out-of-state 571 (47%)

               Loan    submitted: 3,201
                          filled: 833  (26%) 
                           513 articles (16%, 61% of filled),
                           320 books (10%, 39% of filled - many Course Text items, being removed from OCLC)  
                          In-state: 582 (70%),
                          Out-of-state 251 (30%)
FY2015   Borrow submitted: 2,407 
                          filled: 1,741  (72%) 
                          1,300 articles, 441 books  
                           In-state: 994 (57%),
                           Out-of-state 747 (43%)

               Loan    submitted: 3,855 
                          filled: 1,060  (28%) 
                          698 articles (18%, 66% of filled),
                          362 books (9%, 34% of filled - many Course Text items, now removed from OCLC)  
                          In-state: 781 (74%),

                          Out-of-state 279 (26%)

Classroom sessions:
FY2016 89  Stern 40, Morgan 14 (6 mo.), Kohut 20, Kusik 15
FY2015 92
FY2014 37
FY2013 52

Classroom attendees:
FY2016  1,413 
FY2015  2,195
FY2014    800
FY2013  1,108

FY16  498,311  (Scholars Den opened)
FY15  524,932
FY14  541,236

Weeding Project

The library is about to embark on a multi-phase weeding and relocation project. This page will explain the basic plan.

Intention: To remove obsolete and unnecessary redundant material, making space for the return of  valuable material from the Offsite Shelving facility.


Phase 1: The Main Stacks

Each subject librarian will review materials in our main stacks in their subject areas ... considering factors such as currency, historical importance, redundancy, special subject concerns, CARLI consortial holdings, curriculum emphases, and research concentrations.  Potential withdrawals from the main stacks will be identified, and when warranted, title lists will be shared with the faculty for review.  One last opportunity for faculty review will be provided for these materials, with reviews of material on carts before final withdrawals are made. 

Phase II: The Offsite Shelving Materials

As space is cleared in the main stacks, we will review the materials now housed in the Offsite Shelving facility ... using similar criteria to determine which items should be (1) returned to the main stacks, (2) left in Offsite Shelving, or (3) withdrawn from the collection. Once again, potential withdrawals with significant potential impact will be identified and these title lists will be shared with appropriate faculty.


Gold Rush tool ... find where journals are indexed.

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