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Begin your research in Philosophy and Religion and find articles, books, journals, videos, and more.

How to Find Books

In the search box use keywords, i.e., Descartes.  If you want titles written by Rene Descartes, use the drop down arrow and limit to author.  If you want to see what is physically on the shelf in the SXU Library, go to the right hand column on the display page.  Scroll down to Location and choose Print Books.

If you know the title of a book,  type it in the search box.  If you cannot find the title you are looking for, use the drop down arrow and select I-Share Libraries.  One of the I-Share libraries may own the title and will lend it to you.

Shelf Numbers for Locating Books


B 1-5739       |      Philosophy (General)

B 10-41         |      General philosophical works

B 69-5739     |      History and systems including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy

B 108-709     |      Ancient period

B 720-765     |      Medieval

B 770-785     |      Renaissance

B 790-5739   |      Modern

B 850-5739   |     By region or country

BC 1-199       |     Logic

BD 10-701     |     Speculative Philosophy

B 95-131        |     Metaphysics

B 143-236      |     Epistemology, Theory of knowledge

B 240-260      |     Methodology

B 300-450      |     Ontology including the soul, immortality

B 493-701      |     Cosmology including teleology, space and time

BH 1-301       |     Aesthetics

BJ 1-2195      |     Ethics


SXU and I-Share

After searching the SXU library, use the drop-down arrow to see what other books are available to borrow from I-Share Libraries.

Selected Books

Selected Books

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